The TTB Plug assembly: easier than you think

At MBI, we’re always working on our equipment to make it more efficient, reliable and easy to use, and we do so through innovation. Our motivation and goal is to consistently improve your work tools for optimal results in minimal time. We’ve talked about the Through The Bit Plug (TTB Plug) before when we first introduced it […]

Maintaining Drill Rods In Extreme Cold

Like construction workers, flaggers and crossing guards, drillers have to work in extreme cold. Some, such as those in Canada, often work in the most northerly, and thus the coldest, regions of their country. Temperature, snow and ice constitute constraints in a number of trades. While cold presents a series of risks for body and […]

Grease, An Essential Additive For Mineral Drilling

Drilling additives are extremely important allies for drillers. If drillers are knowledgeable about additives and use them properly, production will increase, the equipment used will perform better and maintenance will cause fewer shutdowns. A master driller has to stay abreast of the best techniques to optimize operations, keep equipment from rusting and prevent friction. There […]