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Maintaining Drill Rods In Extreme Cold

Like construction workers, flaggers and crossing guards, drillers have to work in extreme cold. Some, such as those in Canada, often work in the most northerly, and thus the coldest, regions of their country. Temperature, snow and ice constitute constraints in a number of trades.

While cold presents a series of risks for body and mind, it also affects equipment like drill rods. Consequently, maintaining these rods carefully is essential when the temperature drops below the freezing point.

Here are four tips for maintain drill rods that can change the daily routines of drillers who work in extreme cold:

1- Coat the threads with grease

If you want drill rods to last a long time you have to do proper maintenance. We advise you to spread a thin layer of grease on each threaded end before every use. Grease is an essential additive for mining drilling. Learn why in this blog article.

Grease, among other things, reduces catching, which could damage the threaded ends of the rods. 

2- Check that the threads aren’t damaged

Give the threaded ends a close visual examination. It is important to check them before every use to make sure that there are no traces of cracks or any other damage.

3- Clean the threads after use

On top of these steps, you also need preventive maintenance. We recommend that you make sure that the threaded ends are clean and do not harbour any debris before storing the rods for their next use.

4- Store rods somewhere dry

The last tip may seem simple, but the consequences for equipment could be dire if it isn’t followed. Equipment could rust prematurely and be weakened. This is why it is important not just to store drill rods somewhere dry but ideally to also keep them up off of the ground.

Finally, when it’s very cold out drilling has obvious downsides for equipment. However, if you follow these four tips you will help your drill rods to last longer and ensure high-quality core samples that can be extracted quickly.

Of course, cold isn’t the only challenge facing drillers. Consult our article on the five greatest challenges facing drillers for more information on this profession that keeps workers constantly exceeding themselves.