Workplace Health and Safety, an Advantage on a Drill Site!

Health and safety have changed enormously in recent years, increasing worker safety. Businesses are aware of this significant contribution and today they seek practices and tools that will increase the level of safety in the workplace, whether that workplace is a factory or a site. 

Modifications to health and safety in the past decade have changed practices in the area and developed awareness of workplace safety. In the past, workplace safety often came be second. Now, employees have to wear and use safe clothing and equipment, work carefully and use devices with safety features that make their work safer. 


Geotechnical drilling can take place either in remote regions (populated or not) or in urban areas, which have their own considerations and precautions. Actually, geotechnical drilling in an urban environment presents a number of characteristics that differ sharply from those found in remote areas. For example, preliminary studies and sampling are required to ensure that the site is safe. It becomes essential to ensure the safety of the public, of the buildings and structures in the surrounding zone and of the drillers and others working at the site. 


Labour shortages are a concern for all industries these days. To try to overcome them, it is imperative to make sure that qualified, trained, high-performing employees can work in safety and are not absent because of on-the-job injuries. This means minimizing the risk of accidents. Among other things, this allows work to be accomplished in the time allowed and on schedule, limiting project costs and satisfying clients.

If is just as important to ensure the health of workers in this industry as their safety. Our specialized work requires workers who are physically and mentally fit to do their tasks, and so who have healthy lifestyles. Mineworkers are a precious resource and it’s important to protect them through best practices, vigilance and carefulness.


The optical guard on GtechDrill’s GT8 is a safety feature that its users appreciate highly. This optional safety function makes the work area safer because it stops automatically in case of intrusion. It’s simple: the optical guard senses the presence of an object or a person and the machine stops immediately. It provides better protection for worker safety. The system is designed to link the configuration of the drill and the opening in the guard. The auger stops at the opening in the guard: a safety advantage that provides value-added to the drill and protects workers on site. Its Energy Zero system for shutdowns is definitely an additional asset. 

Watch this video to see the optical guard in action and get a better idea of how it works: 

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