RF Drill Rod, Reverse Flank Drill Rod

At MBI Drilling Products, we firmly believe that hard work, resilience and innovation are the key to optimizing drilling operations. Making sure we manufacture the best parts possible to guarantee the highest durability and performance is always a top priority.

We know that giving you access to MBI’s exclusive and expanded line of drilling tools and our peerless technical support, whenever you need it and wherever you are, is the key to your coming out stronger and stronger in the industry.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce our newest product, the RF (Reverse Flank) Drill Rod. We have studied this new drilling option from every angle to bring you a reliable and resilient product that will measure up and become a trusted ally in the field.

The RF Drill Rod—For More Core in the Box

MBI’s RF Drill Rod is a definite asset to your operations with its steady, resilient and efficient performance. It’s designed to minimize leakage and joint failure and features specific minimum tolerances. Our RF Drill Rod is also a reliable, resilient product for surface or underground work, giving you a deeper drill capacity while minimizing unforeseen downtime caused by damage or breakage. The result? More peace of mind. What’s more, its excellent quality/price ratio means you get a premium product that’s proven to be both efficient and durable.

Using a product that’s specifically designed for your application reduces risks. For that reason, in conditions where the drill string is expected to experience higher torque, it is highly recommended that the make-up values be increased to match the expected “in-the-hole” values. Be careful to never apply make-up torque beyond the expected operating torque. Additionally, these values should never exceed the maximum joint torque rating for the drill rod. For holes deeper than 1000 metres, we recommend the following make-up torque values: BRF = 678 Nm (500 ft⋅lbf), NRF = 1016 Nm (750 ft⋅lbf), HRF = 1220 Nm (900 ft⋅lbf).

Using a sturdy, stress-resistant product that delivers steady performance and durability also helps you reduce damage. If properly used and maintained, MBI’s RF drill rods provide highly effective load resistance and superior performance in demanding applications. This means a very cost-efficient return on your investment. It also means meeting your expectations for reliable, consistent results throughout the life of the drill rod, all while limiting premature wear or damage.

The MBI Difference

Strong Services — The key to your performance and satisfaction

Putting your satisfaction first through strong, reliable technical and after-sales service is our priority. But what makes MBI’s customer service and care so strong? Firstly, we stand behind each and every one of our products. Secondly, we are here to determine your exact needs and deliver a product that is perfectly suited to your requirements. Finally, we remain available for assistance and support after your purchase. It’s simple: We’re there for you, every step of the way. No exceptions.

Strong Products — How our drill rods measure up

MBI Drilling Products upholds the strictest manufacturing processes and measurement controls for the production of each RF Drill Rod. Our quality and reliability meet your drilling needs consistently, every time. The RF Drill Rod is designed for drilling at greater depths, and it guarantees highly reliable and consistent results and expected depth ratings for each size.

Our advantages:

  • Our inverted thread RF series rods are currently available in BRF, NRF and HRF wirelines.
  • RF Drill Rods are made of high-quality seamless alloy steel tubing with strict tolerances to further ensure tubing concentricity, straightness and hoop stress and mechanical properties. Hardened ends to increase the strength and toughness of the threaded section.
  • The latest laser hardening technology is used to add a second heat treatment to the surface of the external thread profile. This allows for very precise and consistent case hardening of the critical areas on the reverse flank, giving it extra protection from premature thread wear and galling.

Strong Partnerships — What distinguishes our relationships

We continue to build on close relationships with our customers and partners. Our experts are available to provide you with top-notch advice and quick delivery of all products. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround and reply times, as well as our guaranteed, reliable delivery.

Learn more about our customer support and service..

AME Roundup 2020

Join us at the AME Roundup from January 20 to 23 in Vancouver, B.C. at booth #1407, and discover the RF Drill Rod’s unique design and reliability!


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