MBI Global Looking to the Future in Complete Core Drilling Solutions

In Part 1 of this blog article, we talked about how the pandemic and the restrictions it has brought have transformed the way we work. Now more than ever, proper planning; optimized logistics; and keeping a close eye on stocks, operations, and market changes are absolutely crucial. Naturally, the same is true of maintaining quality relationships with our coworkers, partners, distributors, and clients, since they help us stay informed and remain on top of everyone’s unique needs. And to provide the individualized service and support to meet those needs, it’s important that we remain available to people who can’t reach us during regular working hours.

In Part 2, we’ll look at how business has been since the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention, how our products are performing, and where we’ll be focusing our attention as events unfold and the market adjusts to the current situation.

Post-PDAC news and MBI Global’s future

Looking at the post-PDAC period, we’re particularly proud of the way we’ve been able to maintain both our service levels and our product availability. Activities have shifted considerably given the current situation, and it can tricky to know exactly which raw materials we’ll need to order each month so that we can machine the products that will be in demand. However, we’re keeping a close eye on how the market is changing and relying heavily on good lines of communication, shipping logistics, and teamwork to stay on top of things and remain perfectly aligned with our customers’ needs. No matter what, keeping our pricing intact is a key priority for us.

Consistently providing quality products to our customers at a competitive price is another top priority. We’ve built solid relationships based on trust over the years; that means we value our relationships with our customers, even as we work to grow our market share even further.

Top sellers that continue to serve top quality

In terms of sales, our top-selling products are our rods, casings, and consumables. The newer TTB Plug (Through The Bit Plug) and RF Drill Rod (Reverse Flank Drill Rod) have also been steadily gaining in sales since their launch. No matter what the product, our manufacturing teams are remaining focused on quality. Our products are also backed by our personalized service and customer support to help customers get the most out of our products. After all, quality products and services are MBI Global’s trademark.

Maintaining outstanding service and customer relations

Our reputation is built on our outstanding customer support, and we’re dedicated to maintaining that. We work closely with clients to answer their questions. We’re also committed to responding promptly to calls or requests and making sure our customers have whatever they need to continue operations, because we know that any amount of downtime can be very costly on a job site.

As always, we’re there for our customers. They know they can rely on us any time, anywhere.

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