Hydraulic drills perform better than mechanical drills in geotechnics

Drilling consists of digging holes (called “wells” when you’re prospecting) in the ground for different uses. Drilling, which is often used to find and exploit natural resources buried in the soil, also has geotechnical and geothermal applications. For these and other purposes, drilling sometimes requires impressive machinery, including mechanical and hydraulic drills. 

Technical means for drilling are varied: manual drill, light mobile drill, oil-drilling platform, etc. Of these, mechanical and hydraulic drills are the most commonly used by geotechnical drilling companies. Both types of drills have their own characteristics and advantages. When and why are they used?


A mechanical well-drilling machine can stand on the ground on its four feet. When properly anchored, it can dig axial or eccentric holes of various depths. Its main characteristics concern the number, speed and power of its drill bits, along with its drilling depth, voltage and weight. Various attachments will determine the types of work it is suited for: vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, anchors, etc.

Mechanical drills are often used to drill water wells or to put in concrete foundations. They perform well and are easy to manoeuver. Another major advantage is that they can be used in extreme conditions, as can hydraulic drills. 


Hydraulic drills can also be mounted on a sled, a trailer, a 10-, 12- or 14-wheel truck or a track. They are generally used for seismic exploration, geotechnics, exploration and exploitation of natural resources. So they are basically essential in the mining field, as they can drill through any type of soil and their speeds of penetration and rotation are easily managed. These drills are definitely the most versatile and productive because they are designed for rapid execution of all stages of geotechnical drilling. 

There are many advantages to choosing a hydraulic drill: greater power, good mobility, easy set-up, easy remote operation and precise positioning of the centre of the hole being drilled. They are also quieter than other types of drills and vibrate less, so they expose users to less vibration.


GtechDrill manufactures solid, powerful hydraulic drills that are fully suited to geotechnical use in the most demanding environments, such as close quarters or rough terrain. This mining company has developed over time special expertise in geotechnics, and has carried over to its geotechnical drills the best aspects of its drills designed for the difficult environment inside mines. GtechDrill has equipped its drills with the most appropriate accessories and options for complex, arduous projects.

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