GTechDrill: Mining and geotechnics expertise

Today GtechDrill is recognized for its technical expertise and its star drill, the GT8. Its founders’ initial vision was to thoroughly understand the work of geotechnical drillers and to meet their specific needs. Then they created the GT8. Let’s take a look at GtechDrill and its key product.


Groupe Rouillier, a family business, is a leader in the mining field and heads up four surface and underground drilling companies: Rouillier Drilling, Avataa Rouillier Drilling, Youdin Rouillier Drilling and Pro Forage Guyane. It also owns two diamond drill manufacturers: VersaDrill and GtechDrill.


VersaDrill was founded in 2000 in Val-d’Or, Canada. A reliable drilling platform with an innovative design was essential for the region. A number of drillers got together to find the best concrete solutions to the problems they were encountering and to invent an ideal drill to be part of the platform. 

Between 2004 and 2007, they produced several drills and tested them in varying conditions on different projects. Their experiments led to finding the perfect formula, and their diamond drills are now in service here and abroad!


GtechDrill has relied on VersaDrill’s knowledge and experience to offer in turn an exceptional drill that meets United States standards and legislation. 
VersaDrill, which manufactures high-quality drills that allow higher-than-normal production speeds, was a source of inspiration for GtechDrill. The latter designed its signature drill, the GT8, based on VersaDrill’s mining drilling equipment. It duplicated the performance and power of mineral exploration drills on its geotechnical drill, which can be mounted on a truck or on wheels. 


Today, GtechDrill sells and rents new and used drills. It has developed solid expertise in this area, as well as in core sampling for mineral exploration. It doesn’t just make drills, it serves as a technical consultant to its clients. In short, it facilitates drilling projects and increases the likelihood of success.

Geotechnics needs are growing exponentially in the United States, especially in urban milieus. GtechDrill, equipped with both its expertise and its unique ultra-efficient drills, is ready to meet them. It is careful to follow environmental protection legislation and regulations to the letter, and it makes them an important aspect of every step of production, adding to its skills. 

Groupe Rouillier is proud to manage a business that cares about its employees’ health and safety. 

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