Five reasons to choose the KmN1.4sm drill for mining exploration

A mining exploration project involves various stages that require time and money. The best decision you can make is to choose a drill with features that can help you maximize your investment.

Popular for uniquely combining power and light weight, the KmN1.4sm model from our VersaDrill Canada division delivers excellent results when it comes to collecting quality samples for surface projects of all kinds.

1. Designed to perform

Made with quality materials, our VersaDrill Canada equipment is designed to perform. They can handle a great deal of force and pressure, even with prolonged use.

Our diamond exploration drills are robust, and the KmN1.4sm is one of the most powerful on the market. It can reach depths of up to 1,900 m (6,230 ft.) and features slow feed control to optimize drilling.

2. Gets to the hardest-to-reach places

The track-mounted KmN1.4sm drill gets to the hardest-to-reach places without compromising performance. This cutting-edge innovation provides an impressive amount of mobility and high performance for this equipment under 25,000 lbs (11,240 kg).

3. Adapts to your projects

In addition to being mobile, our drill is adaptable to different types of geological formations. It can be used in North America, South America, Africa, and beyond. A simple reconfiguration of this diamond drill gives you excellent results on different types of projects. A great way to make the most of your purchase!

This model is also available in an underground version.

4. Safe for your operators 

A crucial step in designing effective drills is to consider the operators and provide them with a safe working area on the site. That’s why all our drills are equipped with a control panel that allows you to easily adjust the speed of the rotary head.

Everything is designed so that your workers remain at a distance from equipment in operation.

5. Complete after-sales solution

All of our VersaDrill Canada machines come with support from our experienced team at MBI Global, which believes that customer service is one of the keys to success. We created the MBI Academy to answer your questions and provide you with tips on using and maintaining your drill. We also offer you quality consumables.

Our exploration drills are field-tested and designed with state-of-the-art processes. They’re the result of a team effort to offer you equipment with the performance and reliability you need for your mining projects.

Consult the KmN1.4sm technical sheet now and request your quote!

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