Customer service: at the core of MBI Global’s success

Like many other companies these days, MBI Global’s business model puts customer service at the heart of its projects. This human and authentic side—strongly rooted at all levels of the organization—plays a part in every action we take to make your mining project a success.

In addition, our personalized support sets the stage for a win-win collaboration. After all, respecting your work, your business, and your accomplishments is at the core of our success!

Our expertise, your needs

Our comprehensive and personalized approach begins right away when you call or visit our facilities, where you can explore all of your options. Throughout the process, our team will share its expertise while remaining attentive to your needs.

Our vision of partnership helps us to work better, and our desire to stand out from the competition makes us stronger and stronger. The size of the project doesn’t matter: we handle all requests with discretion and care. We never leave our customers doubting or in the dark.

Here for you in person and virtually

Our experts ensure an optimal customer experience by helping you integrate your new products into your operations in the best possible way. Before, during, and after the purchasing process, we are available in person or virtually to answer your questions, give you guidance, and help you find the perfect drilling solution.

Even outside of our business hours, the MBI Academy provides you with use and maintenance tips to make your consumables more efficient and extend the life of your drills. This space was designed especially for customers like you and gives you immediate access to the information you need.

We also care about sustainable development, so in addition to our manufacturer’s warranty, we offer an exchange and repair service for our parts.

Building relationships for 30 years

For the past 30 years, we at MBI Global have seen our customers as partners. This approach aligns perfectly with the company’s values of reliability, respect, authenticity, and innovation, and has allowed us to forge strong relationships built on trust in the mining industry. Founded in 1992 by Marcel Belanger, MBI Global met a growing need for complete solutions in mining drilling. Over time, the company has gained expertise in the manufacture of consumable products and has expanded its network of distributors internationally. Merging with VersaDrill Canada in the spring of 2021 allowed the company to expand its range of exploration equipment and stand out in the geotechnical field with drills from GtechDrill.

Top 5 worldwide

Today, we have offices in Canada (Quebec and Saskatchewan), Chile, and Peru, with a presence in 15 countries thanks to our large network of distributors. We are also proud to be one of the top 5 worldwide in the manufacture and export of drilling products.

Need a drilling solution for your exploration or geotechnical project? Reach out to our team!

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