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The Six Best Geotechnical Drilling Tips

In geotechnical drilling, accurate, efficient and high-performance operations are absolutely essential for optimum execution of a project. Being able to work rapidly and efficiently is a solid advantage that substantially reduces the costs of execution.

Geotechnical drilling is GtechDrill’s specific field of expertise, so we have made a list of the six best tips for carrying out a geotechnical drilling project. 

1.    Get equipment that adapts to the outside temperature 

Those working in cold, rugged climates like those in Canada, northern Québec, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories or places such as Pennsylvania and Virginia in the northeastern United States, need to have equipment able to adapt to climate conditions. A drill that can program itself to be preheated by a hot water tank is an indispensable ally in such conditions, substantially reducing waiting times before starting work. The Pro-Heat motor offered as an option on the GT8 drill provides the exceptional advantage of preheating the drill so that it can get to work faster. 

2.    Get equipment that meets environmental standards

As you know, in this area there are lots of environmental standards to follow, so it’s to your advantage to get the equipment you need to do so! A tool that will make it simpler and easier to restore the soil after the drilling is finished is a way to limit the scope and duration of site work. For instance, the GT8 drill can operate on organic oil, a very important advantage when you’re concerned with going green.

3.    Control the costs of executing your geotechnical drilling project

Knowing how to control project costs, including those to manage equipment and human resources, may seem very simple, but it’s really more complex than you’d think. This is exactly why an efficient, versatile and adaptable drilling machine is so important for optimizing project costs. 

In remote areas, where you have to limit the number of vehicles used on a project, a versatile, adaptable hydraulic drill is ideal for your work. As well, a machine that keeps asphalt hot is an indispensable asset for geotechnical studies where you have to remove asphalt and then replace it after the drilling is done. When you use the GT8, with its exceptional hydraulic power, you limit the amount of equipment required on site. Mobilizing and demobilizing only one machine and one operator on site also helps to optimize costs. The GT8 drill also has the significant advantage of including the space you need to transport the material required for your work. You can even add an optional bucket.

4.    Use fast machines 

This drill is a true workhorse, the perfect combination of speed and efficiency. The GT8 is among the few pieces of drilling machinery that can be moved even while it is running in “drilling” mode. This versatility and efficiency, combined with the fact that it can be moved rapidly, become remarkable assets for working in urban environments. As you know, geotechnical work in urban milieus has its very own particularities.

5.    Get a machine with lots of torque 

The GT8’s exceptional drilling power enables it to work even in regions where the overburden is thicker than it is elsewhere. The overburden in the eastern US is about 16 metres deep, but it can be over 90 metres deep in places like California, making it absolutely essential to use a drill with lots of torque. 

6.    Know how to adapt to anything!

GtechDrill offers a full range of options to make a drill into a tool that is perfectly tailored to the technical constraints and special requirements of rough terrain. GtechDrill adapts to its clients and their needs. You can ask to have a more powerful motor that meets specific needs. For working in especially demanding field conditions, a smaller drill can be added to the machine according to client specifications to make it easier to move. For instance, GtechDrill offers a wheel-mounted drill, a high-performance mobile geotechnical drilling tool!