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In the prospecting and mining industry, drilling solutions use many components and account for many factors to provide the most efficient results. Many experts will tell you that the proper drill rods make all the difference. And we must say we agree with that. As we know, drilling is done in all kinds of terrain. Long-lasting, efficient and appropriate drilling tools are the key to completing work while staying on time and under budget.

One of our clients from British Columbia, Driftwood Diamond Drilling, has been using our products for many years. In fact, they’ve been purchasing our drilling rods for 10 years now! They were generous enough to offer some valuable information about how they use MBI products and share why they first purchased MBI drilling rods, and have continued to do so for the past decade.

Here’s our discussion with Driftwood Diamond Drilling:

  • Q : You’ve been using this drilling product for 10 years now. Were you using another product before then?
    A : Yes, we were using Boart Longyear and Atlas Copco rods before.
  • Q : What are the main reasons why MBI drill rods suit your needs?
    A : We initially purchased the MBI rods due to the price, but we’ve found that they’re as good as the competition’s.
  • Q : Why are MBI’s rods better than those of the competition?
    A : They’re more durable and their price is better.
  • Q : What are the main differences between MBI’s rods and other rods?
    A : The price is the main difference.
  • Q : In what type of ground/terrain does Driftwood usually do its drilling?
    A : We drill in all types of ground. Yukon and BC are famous for their tough drilling conditions!
  • Q : Is there an optimum type of ground for use of these rods?
    A : The advantage of MBI drill rods is that they work well in all ground conditions.
  • Q : How long do the rods last, and is the lifespan of MBI’s rods longer than others’?
    A : MBI’s rods have a similar lifespan to Longyear’s, but the latter are much more expensive for a comparable product.

There you have it: our client’s experience with MBI drill rods has proven efficient, long-lasting and profitable. They enjoy our range of products, which cost much less but have a longer lifespan. They also enjoy the quality of our rods, which rival other, pricier products on the market.

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