MBI Global: Strong Services, Strong Products & Strong Partnerships Signal A New Era In Mining!

MBI Drilling Products has embarked upon a new phase in its history, becoming MBI Global. With a focus on the future in the international mining world, we have set out to strategically make our mark and join this market with the best tools and techniques available. That meant revisiting the MBI brand. This rebranding endeavour is part of a larger strategy that includes keeping the MBI brand relevant, competitive and in line with the times. In the global mining market, it is crucial to use everything at your disposal to remain ready to take on new challenges and weather the cycles ahead.

It is through innovation, new products and joining with strong allies that MBI Global will make its mark and rise above the rest. Joining forces with our valued partners VersaDrill Canada, PILOT Diamond Tools, Premier Mining Products, N&N Drilling and Drillware will bring the edge we need to shine on the global mining market. With STRONG SERVICES, STRONG PRODUCTS & STRONG PARTNERSHIPS, the new era of MBI Global has begun, with a comprehensive product range like no other.

MBI Global at PDAC 2020

We recently launched MBI Global at PDAC in Toronto, where we met with much success and enthusiasm. We are proud to partner with such notable companies as we head into the future. Together, we stand united to make our way on the global mining market. We have forged a strong bond to bring a larger, better range of products and services to the mining industry.

Business as usual

All regular business activities—and the superior service and products for which MBI Drilling Products is known—remain our top priority and will continue as usual under the name MBI Global.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with our trademark world-class products and services.

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