Perforación con temperaturas más frías – lo que hay que saber (sólo en inglés)

Ideally, drilling operations should be conducted in mild temperatures—not so hot that it’s uncomfortableand causes overexertion, and not so cold that the driller freezes while operating the equipment. But as weall know, conditions are rarely perfect, and drilling must be done even in colder temperatures. So wethought we’d provide with you some tips on drilling […]

Los seis mejores consejos de perforación geotécnica (sólo en inglés)

In geotechnical drilling, accurate, efficient and high-performance operations are absolutely essential for optimum execution of a project. Being able to work rapidly and efficiently is a solid advantage that substantially reduces the costs of execution. Geotechnical drilling is GtechDrill’s specific field of expertise, so we have made a list of the six best tips for […]