The KmN2.5sm Mobile Surface Drill Rig: The Future of Exploration

The industrial sector is currently in an era of process automation, and mining exploration is no exception. The KmN2.5sm mobile surface drill rig features innovative rod-handling technology that redefines operational efficiency. It is the result of a strong partnership between MBI Global and Safedrill, two suppliers that share the same goal: to offer peace of mind.

A productive collaboration

MBI Global has joined forces with Safedrill, a Chilean company that specializes in innovating to meet the high standards of the mining industry. Together, they have combined their expertise to offer an innovative solution that exceeds all expectations in terms of worker safety. With this R&D collaboration, the intent is to drive innovation to improve operational performance and make drilling work more appealing to the next generation.

State-of-the-art technology

The new drill is equipped with cutting-edge technology: a rod handler that feeds, retrieves, and stores rods and inner tubes quickly and efficiently. The complete cycle of operations takes under 60 seconds. To meet environmental requirements, the handler’s side-sliding configuration reduces the platform’s total surface area and footprint by 40% compared to a standard drill.

Better safety

The drill eliminates human operations in high-risk areas thanks to a remote, air-conditioned control console equipped with a video surveillance system that provides 360-degree visibility, enhancing safety at every angle of operation. Its ease of operation and automation will delight workers and help attract a more inclusive workforce.

Get an exclusive look at our new drill rig at the PDAC Convention, booth 751. Our experts look forward to introducing you to the new products and the Safedrill team, who will be joining us.

The KmN2.5sm embodies MBI Global and Safedrill’s commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency. With the help of our valued collaborator, we have created a solution that meets the industry’s most exacting requirements. Discover the future of exploration drilling, shaped by technology and strong partnerships.

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