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Geotechnical drilling solutions, customized for you

Do you have specific constraints for your geotechnical drilling project? We have the solution you need. With 30 years of experience in mining drilling, our team knows how to build the most efficient equipment for your sampling campaigns—a testament to the quality of our GtechDrill products.

At MBI Global, we design our geotechnical drills like a construction set. The rotating head is the centrepiece of the assembly. Then, each piece of equipment (pumps, rod pans, masts, cylinders, etc.) and material option is integrated into the project to meet our customers’ specific expectations and goals. 

We listen carefully to your needs. This collaboration allows us to guide you in your choices and deliver efficient, personalized equipment.

Perfect combinations of speed and torque

GtechDrill solutions make your geotechnical drilling projects more efficient by masterfully combining speed and torque. Our drills can reach speeds as high as 965 rpm, or up to 20,000 lb-ft of torque at 25 rpm.

Regardless of the composition of the soil, subsoil, or rock layers you’re working with, our powerful hydraulic system will allow you to collect your samples without wasting time or energy and gather clear, accurate data.

Mounting options: crawlers or truck

If you want, your GtechDrill can even be mounted on crawlers or a truck. This gives you the choice between a lighter, quieter drill or a more powerful, efficient drill. For the former, your drill will have its own motor. For the latter, the drill’s hydraulic system will be connected to the truck’s transmission.

This manufacturing process, combined with MBI Global’s expertise, will make the GtechDrill geotechnical drill your main ally. Powerful yet agile, you can rely on it for even the most complex projects and extreme conditions.

We understand your reality—that’s why this partnership is a guaranteed success. Take a look at our rotating heads (GT6, GT8, GT8-MAX, and GT16), and get in touch to start discussing your project.

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