Free 2-month trial of VersaDrill’s inner tube puller!

MBI Global and VersaDrill Canada have been brainstorming hard while things have been on hold. The result? We’re bringing you a great promotion to help you get back up and running, full speed ahead!

We’re thrilled to announce a great promotion that was made possible by our new partnership. VersaDrill is now offering you a free 2-month trial of its inner tube puller when you purchase MBI Global’s inner tubes for use during the trial period! What’s more, you’ll receive a 5% discount on the purchase price of the inner tubes!

Made by drillers, for drillers

VersaDrill’s inner tube puller is the tool of choice to drill smarter, work safer, and achieve more. Why? It was designed BY drillers, FOR drillers!

The Inner Tube Puller is a workhorse with many features and advantages:

  • Is easy to use
  • Eliminates the need to force the inner tube out of a borehole
  • Cuts down on worker back injuries
  • Features a diamond coating that rollers maximize grip & prevents slippage/inner tube deformation
  • Increase metres drilled per shift
  • Is compatible with all drill brands

The inner tube puller uses the power of your drill to pull out inner tubes safely and efficiently. It’s available for BWL, NWL and HWL rods, with a version for the PWL rod coming soon.

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MBI Global’s inner tubes

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